Testimony of Doctor Mamodaly


After a wait of a year the Holy Spirit asked her to come and visit me in the Vienne. She witnessed about her healing to my dear wife who as a child had believed and given her heart to the Lord. As for me it was quite different: first, joking derision and mockery rapidly changed to derision and anger. They agreed to stay silent and simply pray for me.

On Sunday at the end of the 1 o’clock news I listened to a report on the 'Turin Shroud'. My sister-in-law, sitting by my side made this reflection “You see there are scientists also who have analysed by carbon 14 the sufferings of a man on the cross”. Very sincerely I replied “If your God, Jesus Christ, is truly alive, let him give me a sign”. This challenge addressed towards God was quickly answered. The power of God threw me to the ground, from which I was not able to get up. It was as though I was crushed. No one had taught me about repentance but I was prostrate in tears, regretting my past life far from God, far from the truth. Feeling unwell I retired to my room. Between 14.00 and 17.00 I was in a deep sleep where God answered my questions.

“When I woke up, I wasn’t the same man: a peace and inexplicable joy had filled my whole being. That day a page of my life was turned and I began a new adventure with Jesus as my Shepherd. I am a fulfilled man, my wife and children belong to Jesus Christ. Together we serve the King of kings. In my profession I see the hand of God working each day amongst my patients. To Him be all the glory”.

Note: Dr Mamodaly underlines however that he has no proof in any way either of the shroud or any other relic.

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