Testimony of Doctor Mamodaly

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Dr Mamodaly is the son of an Indian couple who emigrated to Madagascar in the 1930’s. His father, having fought for France during the last world war, had the option to have French nationality, which he did. So Dr Mamodaly was born in Madagascar. He passed all his childhood and school-days there. He also started his medical studies there.

In 1973 when the revolution took place in Madagascar, the army took power and established a totally communist government. All the foreigners including the French, made plans to leave the country. Thus, the young medical student arrived in France to follow his studies in medical school in Strasbourg. These were very hard years, far from his family, cut off from his roots, from his country and finding himself without any financial support. He followed his studies and a difficult professional job to make ends meet.

“My ancestors were hindus” he recalls but I quickly understood that 'Nirvana' was out of reach. Later, they became Muslims. My parents followed them in this. Conscientiously they taught us Islam. I began to pray to 'Allah' but my heart remained empty. He was a god who seemed to me very far off. When I finished my studies at medical school in Strasbourg my sister-in-law, a Muslim like me, came to consult me about a malignant breast tumour.

An evangelical Christian family who came from the north (Pas-de Calais) came to live next to her in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (Sisteron). My sister-in-law confided to her neighbours who told her the plan of salvation and suggested they should pray for her: Jesus Christ (the God of Christians, crucified but resurrected) is always able to heal and work miracles. Desperate my sister-in-law accepted and made a vow in her heart “Jesus Christ if you heal me, the first person to whom I will go and witness will be my doctor brother-in-law”. At the end of several weeks of persevering in prayer, one morning whilst washing, she noticed that her tumour had completely disappeared.